2018 TopArts Grant Program

ARTSConnect is pleased to announce that the 2017 TopArts Public Art Grants Program will offer funding to create more public art and increase access to the arts all across Topeka. During this grant cycle, we will be awarding grants in two separate grant programs, with information about each program detailed below. 


Click here to see a list of the 2016 & 2017 grantees.

Grant applications are due by February 12th at 5p CST. For your convenience, we have provided and editable version of each application in a Word document which we hope is helpful as you write your application, but responses must be transferred to and submitted through our online form. All grant applications must be completed and submitted online. 

The TopArts Public Art Grant Program is intended to support the creation, installation & maintenance of public works of art. Successful grant applications will propose initiatives that do at least one of the following:

  • Beautify and enhance our community with thoughtful works of art,
  • Install public artwork in areas experiencing graffiti and property crime,
  • Engage concerned citizens of all ages in the creation of new public art, and/or
  • Maintain/repair existing public artwork.

Sample Public Art Grant Application - Word version to assist with writing & editing

The TopArts Access Grant Program is intended to support arts education opportunities, cultural events and other efforts which expand the quality and availability of the arts in Topeka. Emerging and new programs are encouraged to apply. Successful applications will propose initiatives that do at least one of the following:

  • Reduce/eliminate fees for existing programs/classes;
  • Pay teacher/artist fees for teaching new or existing classes;
  • Support cultural events, concerts and other performing arts opportunities; and/or
  • Offer scholarships for students to participate in courses or events.

Sample Access Grant Application - Word version to assist with writing & editing


  •  Applications are due by January 26th, 2017 by 5:00pm CST.
  • All grant applications must be completed and submitted online.
  • Existing and new programs, organizations and/or individuals are eligible to submit grant applications.
  • Funding will be allocated based primarily on the merit of the programs described within the applications submitted.
  • Consideration will be given to how many in our community would be impacted and whether or not funding would enable the potential grantee to draw down additional matching dollars.
  • A final report will be expected in November of 2017.
  • Grant dollars are not intended to provide operational, indirect, or administrative costs.
  • Funds must be expended during calendar year 2017 unless other arrangements are made.
  • We anticipate that grant awards will be in the $1,000-$3,000 range.
  • Due to the complicated nature of public artwork, ARTSConnect reserves the right to distribute 50% of TopArts Public Art Grants at the start of the program and 50% at the completion of the project. TopArts Access Grants will be awarded in full as soon as grant agreements are complete.
  • Applicants are encouraged to complete the application in a Word format before submitting via this form. The form DOES NOT allow you to save your writing as you work and does not offer a dependable spell check function, but applications must be submitted online.