The 4th Street Bridge is a pedestrian bridge located between Branner & Lafayette on 4th Street. The bridge is a main thoroughfare for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and school buses carrying students to nearby Scott Dual Language Magnet School. In recent years, the neighborhood has seen exploding rates of vandalism and crime. In partnership with the City of Topeka, we decided that we'd become of the first cities anywhere to attempt the painting of a structure such as this - with wind, traffic and sun being our challengers. The community has come out in full force, and you can see from the before and after photos that we are making quite a difference! Lead artist on this project is Jamie Colon with an assist from Raul Hluz who painted the graffiti-style "East Side" designs which appear on the pedestrian side of both sides of the bridge. The traffic side of the bridge displays a honeycomb pattern, which references the stream below as well as the structure and community which are hallmarks of a hive. Photos taken by CULT during the community paint event can be found here.

NOTE: Please pardon the vulgarity on the "before" photos - this is actually what the bridge looked like....and was the landscape through which many of our youth make their way to school. We believe that it is important to show you the reality of the situation, however harsh.