This mural is located across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site. The mural explores themes of equality and justice through the eyes of young people in our community. Artist Michael Toombs directed the painting of the 130' x 30' wall along with a team of artists and thousands of members of the community. We believe that there could not be a better time to push forward the central tenets of the Brown case – bringing this important part of American history to life anew.


C. Dylan Barker
Blake Benton
Hector A. Bernal
Jordan E. Brooks
Cathy Burchett
Robert Tapley Bustamante
Alessandra Chavez
Daisy Escamilla
Estefana Garcia
Xavier Gayden
Jason Hanna
Dar Hosseini
Bryan Kincade
Christina Klein-Tross
Felix Maull
B.J. McBride
Oshara Meesha
Sara Myer
Justin Newhouse
Andrea Nix
Asha Rae Slack
Timothy Steward
Michael Toombs
Chloe Thompson
Lois Visser-Ulrich
Eric Underwood
Andy Valdivia
Yesenia Villarreal
Jandy Wills
Woody Boodward
Diane Wurzer


Lillyan Adkins
Karlyn Bowman
Adyson Cashman
Lemi Del Real
Kate Eckert
Gavin Grady
Adriania Havens
Erica Knight
Camp LeDuc
Mackenzie Miles
Brianna Pledger
Skylar Pokphanh
Alexandria Poling
Jalec Rodriguez
Levi Shows
Alejandra Solis
Am'agyn Spencer
Hayley Woodyard

Time lapse video created during the painting of the Brown v. Board Mural Project.

Enjoy listening to poet Annette Billings as she reads the poem written along the lower section of the Brown v. Board Mural. We are grateful for her beautiful words and the role that they have played in inspiring the thousands who helped to paint this beautiful mural.


This mural focuses on themes of diversity, equality, justice and inclusion, offering an opportunity to involve students and neighbors in the design and painting of the mural under the creative direction of Kansas City artist Michael Toombs. We are grateful to our sponsors, board of directors and steering committee of community leaders who guided this project. For more information, please contact Sarah Fizell by email or telephone at 785-380-7890.

Thank you to the following funders for making this project possible.

FHLBank Topeka
MotoVike Films
Security Benefit
Mid-America Arts Alliance
Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission
The Burger Stand
Humanities Kansas
Topeka Community Fdn.
Topeka Police Department
Kansas Gas Service
U.S. Bank
Martha Williams
Ann Leffler Palmer
Russ & Beth Anne Branden
Kathleen, David & Morgan Heit
City of Topeka
Senne Company
Visit Topeka, Inc.
Gray & Company
AB Painting
Foley Equipment Rental
Margaret & Tim Carkhuff
In memory of Michael W. Saunders
Randy & Hannah Schumacher
Bill & Cynthia Naeger
Strathman Sales Co., Inc.
Marydorsey Wanless
Mark & Sandy Ruelle
Jenny & Greg Lee
Henson, Hutton, Mudrick, Gragson & Vogelsberg, LLP
EMBD Council
Marge Murphy
Tevis Architects
Michelle Butler & Tyler Johnson
Mary Thomas
Barbara Barnard & Charles Waetzig
Anita & Larry Wolgast
National Park Service
Nancy & Jim Parrish
Parrish Hotel Corporation
Joe Perry
Sarah Fizell