NexLynx Gallery (123 SW 6th - 2nd Floor): Discover Art Downtown and view the beautiful watercolor and silk paintings by Geri Cummings. Painting is Geri's escape, her mini vacation, so many paintings are from things that bring a sense of calm when she looks at them. A tranquil place to go in the middle of our chaotic lives. Participate in the fun downtown Scavenger Hunt, while continuing the 4th of July celebration. Snacks, soda, beer and wine provided. 5-8p. Instagram @NexLynxGallery

SouthWind Art Gallery (3074 SW 29th): The walls are filled with stars this July at SouthWind Art Gallery. Meet the "Daughters of the Prairie," Mary Binford Miller, Kim Casebeer, Naomi Cashman, Chris Chapin, Debra Clemente, Rose Collins, Terry Cooke Hall, Virginia Grass-Simmons, Patricia A. Griffin, Deb Groesser, Whitney Hall, Dana Hassett, Donna Howell Sickles, Cally Krallman, Diane Lawrence, Judith Mackey, Cher Heller Olson, Ruth Powers, Jeanie Pflumm, Susan Rose, Cris Sundquist, Jean Terry, Cathie Thompson, Barbara Waterman-Peters, and Nancy Whitaker. 5-7p. Instagram @southwindartgallery

Wild Bird House (2901 SW 29th - Brookwood): This July, Wild Bird House will be featuring artist Susan Koralewski's decorative concrete garden birdbaths. Susan uses a blend of durable, high impact concrete and forms birdbaths from cabbage and elephant ear leaves. She finishes them with many layers of paint and seals them with a water repellent. Beautiful placed in a garden, patio or deck to enjoy hours of a variety of natures zany avian wildlife. 5-8p.

Alice C. Sabatini Gallery (1515 SW 10th inside the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library): See, touch and play music in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery during "Sounds Like Art!" May 25 - Aug 19. Explore how the parts and pieces of an instrument work together to make music. Featured instruments include a ukulele, flute and trumpet. Play drums, keyboards, ukulele, a giant xylophone, horns, lap harp and synthesizer-bring your friends and you'll have a band! Every week we'll have a different learning activity in the gallery. 9a-9p. Instagram @TopekaLibrary

Absolute Design by Brenda (629 S Kansas): Come down to Absolute Design by Brenda for food, fun, and 20% off store-wide! We're excited to see if you can figure out our clue! 5-8p. Instagram @absolutedesignbybrenda

Glaciers Egde Winery (1636 SE 85th Street - Wakarusa): We will have the tasting porch & patio ready for you to spend your July FFAW at the winery.Our featured artist will be musician Patric Hamilton & Miguel Cadena,the Gypsy Chef, will be serving menu items especially prepared for our wine!Enjoy wine & slushies by the pour or a bottle while enjoying live music!Feel free to bring lawn chairs to enjoy our outside vineyard view!Summer Fridays we open at noon. (Only alcohol produced at Glaciers Edge Winery is able to be consumed or on our property;guests consuming alcohol must be at least 21 yrs old. Noon-9p.

Beauchamp's Gallery (3113 SW Huntoon): "Beautiful Prairie" continues for the July Art Walk.  The show features both traditional and contemorary imagery from many of your favorite regional artists including Cally Krallman, Mike Henry, Steve Denny, Joan Foth, Robert Sudlow, Shirley Akers, Kristen Goering, Joe Loganbill and others.  Coming in mid-July is our new exhibit "All About Prints".  This show includes hand-made prints by both  regional and international artists! 5:30-8:30p. Instagram @beauchampsartgallery

STUDIO 831 (831 N Kansas): Trudy L. Waterman is the Featured Artist at STUDIO 831 in July featuring her exhibit entitled Found Subjects. From the artist: "With one year of pursuing my masters under my belt, I find myself far removed from a cohesive body of work for this show. My education is encouraging me to look in numerous directions in my practice and I am taking full advantage of the encouragement. I do find, however, that I can still rely on my 'found' subjects and this show does just that: exhibits some of my more recent finds." 4-8:30p.

NOTO Arts Center (935 N Kansas): The NOTO Arts Center's Morris Gallery has invited NOTO's artists and antique shop owners to collaborate on an exhibition. Artists were to select a shop and in partnership with its owner(s) choose items they both found intriguing and then do a piece of art in response to it. The exhibit will feature the item and the piece of art. The exhibition will run from First Friday July 6 through Saturday July 28. 11a-8p.

Amused (907 N Kansas): We are welcoming abstract artist Bob Hayes to our main gallery for the month of July. Bob is a Kansas native and utilizes his various life experiences and multiple media experience to generate this beautiful collection of works. Amused is a collection of working art studios, a winery, an art gallery, & quirky gift shop all conveniently located in one spot near the center of NOTO. Always an inspiring place to stop in. Regular hours are Wed-Fri from 11a-6p and Sat from 11a-9p. FFAW hours are 11a-9p. Instagram @amused_in_noto

Portico (900 N Kansas): Furnish your corner of the world with funky finds, attic treasures, refreshed and recycled furniture and really cool home decor at Portico! Let us help you add charm and character to your closet, too. Topeka author, Ken Ohm, has written several books inspired by his life in Kansas. He will be signing copies of his latest release, "Brown Enough, A Tale of a Mixed-Race Baseball Team" based on a true story of a mixed-race baseball team during the mid-fifties in a small Kansas town. Visit Ken and Portico during the July FFAW! 10a-9p.

NOTO ArtsPlace (905 N Kansas Ave): We are honored to host a show of photography and paintings exploring the Kansas landscape. The show, "Kansas: Transformations to the Aboriginal Landscape", focuses on limestone, prairie landscapes, and agriculture. The exhibition's guest curator, Ryan Jones, has included examples of each sub-theme to tie into the art, including an actual 2/3 size replica stone fence, life-size prairie grass prints, and seed sacks. Ryan began volunteering at ArtsPlace as a "demolition laborer" while still in High School.  Come see the art he has chosen! 4-8:30p.

The Topeka Art Guild (5331 SW 22nd Place, Fairlawn Plaza Mall): The Topeka Art Guild is featuring Fred Hsia in July.  Retired Architect, he is a signature member of the Kansas Watercolor Society. Being an artist all his life his works have been accepted in many juried art competitions and in local galleries.  He offers street scenes/landscapes, still life and more in watercolor, oil and ink. Also on exhibit is scholarship winner from Jefferson High, Anna Bevitt. Her works include exquisite ink, colored pencil, chalk and oil pastel drawings along with whimsical fabric animals. Join us for food and wine, 5-8p.

39 West Gallery (909 N Kansas): At 39 West Gallery we want you to interact with art, which is why we're shaking it up for First Friday in July as we give you a sneak-peek into the energy and feel of the 39 West Gallery experience. Join us as we entertain your senses with a live body painter, a special guest street artist and live performance, and a live mannequin to add to your adventure.  Located at 909 N Kansas Ave. in NOTO, official opening August 3rd. FFAW hours are Noon-8p...and maybe later! Instagram @39westgallery

Matryoshka Tattoo (902 N Kansas) will have ceramicist Sheila Wolf as our featured artist.  Sheila creates high quality, artistic stoneware and fused glass. We will also have a table in front of the shop to register people to vote. Regular hours are Tues-Sat from 10a-8p. FFAW hours are 10a-9p. Instagram @matryoshkatattoo

SOHO Interiors (3129 SW Huntoon) will feature artist Tim (T.R.) Bauer. New work including sculpture will be added to his Kansas landscapes exhibit. All paintings contain an element of the actual environment such as soil, Moon rock fragments, etc. that the artist blends with his paints to make it truly unique. Inspired by Kansas landscape artist Birger Sandzen and Van Gogh, the works of T.R. Bauer stand alone. "Autumn at Echo Cliff," an explosion of color, will remain on exhibit this First Friday. You must see his work! 10a-5p.

Two Wolves Studio & Artist Den (114 Sw 8th, 2nd Floor): We've invited some of the best artists to come back for our 5th Year Anniversary Art Show. This weekend is our encore presentation for 2 days only. Artists in show: Anna Dawson, Angela Lexow, James Taylor, Nathan Biester, Nicole Maddox, Travis Garwood, Morgaine Hawley, Jason Hanna, Dan Brennan, Tara Dean, Oshara Meesha, Anthony Schwed, Mary St.John, Marie Robbins, Staci & Ryan Ogle, Shelly Bedsaul, Devi Wilbur, Katherine Settle,Amber O'Dell, Alexander Lancaster, Alexandra Jael, Jude Madysan, Stacey Lyddon, Brian Broxterman, and Jette Williams. 5-10p. Instagram @two_wolves_studio